The APPIES Malaysia 2018

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Date: April 16th & 17th
Time: 8.30AM - 5.30PM
Venue: EASTIN Hotel

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There’s a lot that goes into shaping a brand. If you’ve got a unique marketing success story, now it’s time to tell it: the region’s top brands are coming together to see who has Malaysia most effective marketing campaigns.

To make sure your brand story gets the recognition it deserves, send in your campaign now.

We look forward to reading your brand story.



Creative, Media, Digital, Marketing Agencies and Companies


The 54 selected marketing campaigns will cover a broad range of 6 product/service categories that include the following.

Consumer Durables

The items in this category include electronics and appliances (such as televisions, computers, sound systems, software), as well as property, clothing, accessories, luxury items, personal transportation (cars, motorcycles).

Consumer Services

This encompasses all consumer-directed services, including financial, retail, travel (air travel, railways), tourism (hotels, theme parks), dining, telecommunication, medical, education and entertainment-related services.

Food and Beverage (F&B)

This category comprises all beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), including beers, wines, soft drinks, water, etc. It also includes all food items, such as packaged foods, diet foods, confectionery, snacks and others.

Non-Food FMCG

Here, the category incorporates all fast moving consumer goods (non-food items), such as personal care products, medicines, remedies, health and wellness items, household consumables (detergents, paint) and tobacco-based products.

Business Services

The business services category entails all business-to-business services, consultancy services, courier, document, software/hardware management services, and more.

Government, Cultural, Social and Environmental Campaigns

Campaigns in this category have taken on governmental, cultural, social and environmental campaigns to promote awareness/preservation. This category also includes pro-bono campaigns executed for non-profit organisations.

Submission and Admission Fees

Campaign Submission Fees

The submission fees for each campaign is RM1000 +6% GST per entry.

APPIES Malaysia Marketing Congress Admission Fees

Admission Fee for the 2-day APPIES Malaysia Marketing Conference on April 16 & 17 is RM2200 + 6% GST per person (HRDF-Claimable).

Admission fees will be waived for any individual who has been selected to present their campaign at APPIES Malaysia 2018 for an ample duration of their presentation. The admission ticket will be issued in that presenter’s name and is non-transferrable.

Eligibility Dates of Campaign being Entered

Campaign entries must have run in Malaysia between June 2017 – March 2018.


23 March 2018
We have extended the entry date for APPIES Malaysia! (but not at gunpoint) - New Deadline date: 28 March 2018


Showcasing Your Entry

All submitted campaigns will be vetted by the APPIES Malaysia 2018 jury, who will select the top 54 campaigns based on fulfilment of entry criteria, and marketing results.

The APPIES Malaysia 2018 jury is the industry’s only panel that is solely comprised of top marketing professionals from various client organisations, ensuring an independent, quality-focused selection process.

Campaign Submission

To enter your campaign for presentation at the APPIES Malaysia 2018, you are required to submit the following to the Sledgehammer Communication.

A 4-minute video (.mov or .avi)

This must include at least one example of any creative material discussed in your written submission form. Include your agency name and results (if available).

All videos must show full-length commercials (if applicable) unless editing is required to compile an accurate and relevant representation of our campaign through additional communication touchpoints (e.g. Events, guerrilla marketing activities, etc).

The use of voiceovers or text to better explain your edited work is acceptable. Any print materials featured on the video must also be submitted separately.

1-page written submission

This written entry story should demonstrate how your marketing campaign work has generated strong results, detailing the challenges of your competitive environment, your campaign objectives and providing supportive evidence of positive results.

1 image that best represents your campaign (.jpg, 300dpi), and a 100 word campaign synopsis for publication purposes

1 picture of your presenter (high resolution, jpg, 300dpi) and a short presenter biography (maximum of 150 words for publication purposes)

List of credits for all primary strategic and creative partners who assisted in the success of your campaign


Trophies will be awarded to the most outstanding marketing campaigns presented at APPIES Malaysia 2018 and also to the best presenters.

Mode of Submission

Digital portions of entries are to be submitted via a File Transfer service (such as sendspace,, or other FTP channels). Include the link to your submission materials in your hard copy submission(s). Include the link to your submission materials in your hard copy submission(s).

Submission Deadline

We have extended the deadline and entry forms can be submitted by 28 March 2018


APPIES Campaign Presentation

If your campaign is selected for presentation at APPIES Malaysia 2018, the required campaign presentation format is as follows:

4-minute video substantiating the overall coverage of the marketing campaign

6-minute oral presentation for the presenter to convince both judges and audience of how this campaign represents the Gold Standard in Malaysian marketing

10-15-minute Q&A section where the presenter may respond to audience questions

The spirit of the APPIES Malaysia 2018 is knowledge sharing and learning. Presenters are encouraged to relate their own learning experiences when responding to the audience in the Q&A segment.

Marketing Campaign Creative Materials

All creative materials including the 4-min video are considered the property of the APPIES Malaysia 2018 and will not be returned. The APPIES Malaysia 2018 organiser is granted the right to make copies of selected creative materials and video for education and publicity purposes.

100 Word Summary

The submitted 100 word campaign synopsis will be used in the APPIES Malaysia 2018 publication and website for promotional purposes in the event that your submission is selected for presentation.

NB: All partner websites and promotional platforms are pre-approved by the organisers of the APPIES Malaysia 2018. Publication will be at the sole discretion of the APPIES Malaysia 2018.