Paul Stewart, Senior Leadership Advisor, Sense-Maker, Thought Leader, Speaker, Author

Paul is a thinker. Many people have called him brilliant. Paul has developed his approach and models for transformation from over 25 years of diverse experience as a Chief Economist, CEO, C-Suite roles and consulting in organisational change, transformation and innovation. Paul is co-author the best-seller ‘Branded Customer Service’. He has worked directly with CEOs and executives throughout the world, helping them to align customer experience to brands and to integrate their culture and strategy. He has advised in a wide range of industries including: banking and finance; insurance; telecommunications; retail; tourism; manufacturing; and government. Organisations are complex social systems. Amid this complexity, Paul helps CEOs and their senior teams find new insights, to develop new perspectives and new pathways to the future.  He challenges organisations to focus on “the P.S”, i.e. the ‘Have you thought about this?” questions. In asking deep “P.S” questions, senior teams find opportunities to step up performance.  Different questions open up new perspectives to help leaders make sense of their most complex problems and challenges. The impact is greater clarity on how to navigate between the logical and the emotional elements of the business. In other words, linking the intangible and tangible drivers of success.  He has presented and worked in his home country of New Zealand, Australia, UK, Europe and Malaysia. Paul’s history in brief:  In the mid-1990s Paul was ANZ Bank’s Chief Economist, and became renowned for speaking about the implications of the Asian Financial Crisis for New Zealand.  GM Group Strategy and later Director Organisational Effectiveness for a leading business solutions and information company during the company’s international expansion into Australia and Asia. During this time the company won awards for Strategy and as Asia’s top mid-size company financial wealth-creator.  He joined the TMI International, a global consulting and training organisation operating in 35 countries. In 2005, he was appointed Global Practice Head for Brand Alignment and oversaw the organisation’s strategic repositioning in the following 3 years.  He co-authored a best-selling international book: Branded Customer Service - the New Competitive Edge (Berrett-Koehler, 2004), which has now been published in around 20 countries and 11 foreign languages.  He founded ON-Brand Partners, a business consultancy that offers a fresh, pragmatic approach to customer strategy implementation and maximizing organisational performance through building cultures, particularly to support transformation, innovation and continuous improvement. Until mid 2016 he spent approximately half is time working globally.  In 2017 he founded PS Thinking Limited and works as a Senior Leader Advisor to a number of organisations and consultancies.  He has worked with a range of leading international organisations including: HSBC (Malaysia), HSBC Amanah, Superpartners (Aust), TMI International, ANZ Banking Group, Morrisons Supermarkets (UK), Land Securities (UK), Kaba (UK), Thomson Reuters (US), and many more. He has also worked with the ‘World Bank’ on a global road safety project providing strategic advice around transforming the culture of policing in developing countries. Topics and issues Paul speaks about:  Moving from ‘generic’ to ‘on-brand’ customer service  Creating value, building trust and reducing risk through customer experiences  How successful organisations are making strategy and psychology work together  The keys to successful change, transformation, and innovation  The attributes of organisational culture you must get right  Making sense of change in a complex and disrupted world  Partnership as a new relationship model for all stakeholders  Using knowledge across your entire enterprise in the digital world to step-change performance What you can expect:  Inspirational thought-leadership guaranteed to shift your thinking  New insights and ideas that are practical and transformative  New tools and resources that you can apply in your own workplace  Participate and create a truly on-brand experience  Knowledge and experience shared from a multitude of business leaders